ZiniTevi Jailbreak

If your device already jailbroken, Please follow below link to install application without adding Cydia repository for your iOS device. Cydia is one of the best method to install ZiniTevi application for your device. However we are not recommend this method for non jailbreak users because ZiniTevi Jailbreak method will provide risk for their devices. Your device warranty will be loose if you are already jailbroken device.

You have two methods to install ZiniTevi – Jailbraek users

Method 1 : Please follow below link to install application online without adding Cydia repository.

Method 2 : If your device already have Cydia application, You can install ZiniTevi with package. You can follow below steps to install application properly.

Install ZiniTevi with Cydia

  • First open Cydia application from your iDevice
  • Then tap Sources – tap above Edit – tap Add
  • Now enter Cydia/APT url as “http://zinitevi.github.io/repo”. 
  • Then tap Add source you can see ZiniTevi repo is adding to the Cydia
  • Now tap ZiniTevi repo then tweak. Please select ZiniTevi and then tap install – tap confirm
  • Finally ZiniTevi app will appear with your device home screen. Enjoy….

What are the ZiniTevi alternative Cydia apps ?

We have seen many alternative apps related with ZiniTevi. All of these are movie streaming apps and you can download most of these applications with jailbreak.

  • MovieBox
  • MovieBox Pro
  • MediaBox
  • Cotomovies
  • PlayBox

Is it Safe to install ZiniTevi with Cydia ?

Yes, Cydia is a legal application in the USA. Cydia application was released before Apple App store released for the public users. Therefore this is much more safe method for users. ZiniTevi app will not provide any application damage with your device, So download it with Cydia & enjoy with thousands of movies.

Unable to download ZiniTevi with Cydia, Why ?

We can recommend to reboot your device before install ZiniTevi application. Then install repository to get application for your device. If you have any error with application installation with Cydia, Please message or comment to us, Our team is ready to help for you.